06 Feb 2023

As shallow as it may sound, there is some truth to the words “attraction is the first step to a meaningful relationship.” And when it comes to businesses building a relationship with their customers, these words couldn't be any more true.

This blog is all about best practices for email design and aesthetics, and our brand-new email marketing tool that makes you the best of it all a priority.

We’ll answer three questions in this blog.

  1. Why does aesthetics/best email design practice matter?
  2. How does it build and retain your audience?
  3. And is it really that easy it is to achieve that level of “wow”? Well, to answer that one right away - absolutely yes.

Let's get to the other two.

So what’s up with the obsession with aesthetics? Why does it matter?


The first marketing email was sent in 1978, USA, by Gary Thuerk of Digital Equipment Corp, bringing the company $13 million in sales revenue that very year. Ever since the World Wide Web started developing in the 80s and 90s, marketers have long sought after making their emails visually appealing to their target audience as a way to build a valuable customer base.

Think of email as a little looking glass that prospects have in on your business - what it sells and if it is worth buying.

Content is definitely important. But if it’s boring, you’ve already lost your audience. Might as well threaten them to read what you have to offer at this point. So, a BIG NO.

This is why grabbing the audience’s attention at that first look and, as a result, winning conversions, make visual aspects so so important in driving your email marketing campaign.

What does that tell us then?

The Aesthetical Factor sells, and it sells hard, people! That’s as simple as it gets.

How design helps build and retain your audience

The aesthetics of any email design is based on the templates, layouts, images/graphics, and even down to the font and the use of colour theory one uses! Finding the right harmony between these design points is what sets your messages apart.

The key is to pick something that speaks the most about “you”, and your brand’s identity, and let's not forget, speak to your audience.

What it does is, firstly, communicate the transparency and uniqueness of your brand. And trust me, everybody loves that.

Secondly, good email design equals catching eyes, equals brand visibility.

Moreover, when you use customized templates and design options, your audience feels seen, not as statistics, but as valuable people of interest to the business.

But harrowing time and energy to do all of this can be painstaking if you take up the challenge yourself. Or expensive if you hire a professional to deal with it.

The easiest solution to this would be getting an email marketing tool that serves you all the best email design options on a platter.

And now that I’ve shown you a little preview of what beautifying email marketing campaigns can potentially do for your business, you’re probably looking for one already.

Cue, Yapsody Campaigns.

Storyti- kidding. I’ll right get to the point.

The market today is filled with hundreds of email marketing tools, but you’d still be surprised to find that only a few like Campaigns provide unique design features to crack conversion rates, and every marketeer’s nightmare, the spam folder.

While Campaings’ offers a range of 50+ free predesigned templates to suit your business needs according to industry and target audience, it has also an interesting feature that not many tools provide you.

With Campaigns, you can actually customize the background colour of your email body to match the tone and mood of your preferred marketing activities. You can literally make emails your very own canvas, for reals!

These two features specifically, give your emails the makeover they so needed. Experimenting with different templates with different colours gives your emails a pop that readers are unconsciously looking for. This will result in three things:

  • Increased click-through rates

  • Interest and excitement around your brand with people waiting for your next emails

  • And therefore, greater conversion rates

And that’s just two features. Yapsody also provides seekers of the email marketing magic with several other must-haves and efficient features that increase sales and brand visibility with greater open rates.

All of this at a value-for-money subscription of $98.55 a year, unlike other competitive brands in the market.

More good news - we also have a discount live right now that gives you 33% off on your yearly subscription! Don’t lose out on a subscription that costs only $66.03! Use code “JAN2023” to avail the discount.

Don’t take our word. Instead, give us a little test drive and see if we’re the perfect fit for each other!

Regardless, you can learn the basics of setting up any email marketing system here. Check out other beginner-friendly tips and guides on all things email marketing on the Yapsody Campaigns blog.

Happy Emailing!