01 Nov 2022

News time! Mailchimp's prices rose by an astonishing 11% in February of 2018 alone. And the number keeps rising since.

I understand that cost-effectiveness is central to running any business. So, here we are with 9 more affordable Mailchimp competitors with similar if not better email marketing features to help you pick the best option for you and your business.

Mailchimp is draining your business funds

Don’t get me wrong, MailChimp is a great service and still offers a free subscription.

But… their revised 2022 plan has now reduced the numbers to just 500 contacts and a mere daily limit of 500 emails.

So, as your mailing list and business grows, so do the additional costs. Plus, the cost doubles when you have contacts listed on the top two lists. Yikes!

What’s that?

Oh, it’s the sound of your quarter estimates crashing down…

The only way to afford Mailchimp then means sticking to a very humble mailing list. So yeah, you could definitely use an alternative to a service that offers so little, and costs so much.

What if I told you, there’s solid competition to Mailchimp when it comes to having every necessary feature on a single platform, that too at a super affordable price of $99/year?

Well, that’s Yapsody Campaigns for you!

1. Yapsody Campaign: The Ultimate Email Marketing Software

Unlike other tools and Mailchimp with its big, solid paywalls, Yapsody Campaigns has all the necessary email marketing features you’d need in one place. Check them out:

  • Segmentations - his feature targets your audience by demographics which ensures that you’re sending people what they want to see.
  • Drag and drop editor - Don’t sweat about the tedious copy-pastings and sending files over for just a couple hundred words of content.
  • Free 50+ inbuilt templates - Unlike Mailchimp and other tools in the market that slap you with an additional charge on templates, Campaigns give you free access to their 50+ inbuilt email templates that are unique to every business needs.
  • Detailed data reports - This provides you with extensive insights and performance data to track how your email campaigns are performing, assisting you in improving and optimizing your email marketing game to the ‘T’.
  • Customer Support - you get access to 20+ useful articles and videos on Campaign’s advanced automation features for your marketing campaigns, PLUS 24/7 chat support.

And guess what, you can try all of these features with our free one-month trial without any additional charges.

Curious to know more? You can find it all here.

2. SendinBlue

Created in 2012 as a simple E-Blast software, Sendinblue provides free plans that allow users full access to the platform, just like Campaigns.

SendinBlue’s features includes:

  • Email templates
  • Statistics and performance data
  • Email automation
  • And integration features like unlimited contact uploading, sales CRM, sending SMS messages, and transaction emailing.

The only con? The 300 daily limit might be a bit low.

But the platform is easy to use along, especially with its email editor that’s quick to learn. And their new 2022 update has made it simpler all over.

So, thumbs up!

3. AWeber: A Goat As Old As Tim- um, Mailchimp

Before Mailchimp, there was AWeber.

Business, competition, war, we’ve seen it all with these two. Over the years, MailChimp's automation has indeed become more sophisticated.

But! And there’s always a but.

AWeber wins mainly because its design is focused on user simplicity and convenience. And it also includes features that either Mailchimp doesn’t have or that AWeber does much better.

Have a look:

  • Intelligent design and easy-to-use fundamentals.
  • Statistics and performance data
  • An elaborate email marketing strategy
  • Custom service that allows businesses to send small enterprises email notifications.
  • AWeber also has specialized functionality, particularly around automated workflows.

Last and definitely not least, it’s less expensive than MailChimp. I mean, I did promise to give you what you were here for.

All in all, it is one of the best-paid email marketing services, and Mailchimp competitors out there.

Here’s to our beloved veteran!

4. ActiveCampaign As An Email Marketing Solution

Without any more chit-chat, let me get to the point straight. Here's a look at what ActiveCampaign offers as an email marketing service:

  • Autoresponders,
  • Several pretty email templates
  • A robust drag-and-drop email editor - another samesies with Yapsody Campaign
  • Offers many integrations to use other business tools

Bonus: it's got a great user-friendly interface so you can master it fairly quickly.

So, a great email marketing solution option overall.


5. Omnisend: Marketing Automation Expert

OmniSend was designed to be an online marketing company so you best believe it knows what’s up when it comes to marketing automation.

As a tool that focuses on eCommerce businesses, their USP is helping you understand your customers better and increase revenue with specific features like:

  • In-depth performance data to optimize client information.
  • Integrated automation.
  • Segmentation: We all know what that means by now.
  • Offers many workflows for online shops. This includes checkout abandonment, cart recoverability, and purchase confirmation among others. (A treat for Shopify retailers)

Lastly, OmniSend offers users a free package with full functionality. Dare I say samsies again?

6. Moosend

This one is a hit among start-ups or small business owners for its smooth and easy to learn beginner friendly interface.

Let’s see what are the overall features Moosend has to offer:

  • Drag-and-drop email editor to create your email campaigns within minutes.
  • Free basic email templates to go with it.
  • Automated emailing in every version of the email.
  • A robust automated workflow library at an additional charge
  • Segmentation of audiences.
  • Live chat support that responds within seconds.

One con is that not all of these features like automation workflows are available with the free version.

But of all factors, it's Moosend’s price that got it on this list. It is also what makes it a good alternative to Mailchimp - you get the same platter but at a much-discounted rate.

Final verdict? A good deal for small business owners making it a good Mailchimp alternative.

Well, my friend, that’s about it! Hopefully, you’re much clearer about what you want as a cheaper alternative to the reigning champion than you were 10 minutes ago.

Look, it's only sound to want to take a less expensive route to build your audience. Especially when you’re just starting out on your business journey.

The best marketing solutions shouldn’t have to be crazy expensive. And it was my job to show that to you today.

It is also my job to let you know that Yapsody Campaigns is offering a flat 33% discount on its yearly subscription - an early Christmas present if you will.

Lastly, if you want to boost your business with email marketing strategies, you’d want to check out our guide on the why and how of email marketing, it’s quite beginner friendly.

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