05 May 2023

“New is always better.” – Barney Stinson

Wise words from a great man. And at Yapsody Campaigns, we take these words as gospel. In that spirit, we have some exciting news for you email marketers! We’re here with a bunch of smart and useful features that will help you excel in your email marketing strategies.

No time to spare, let’s dive right in!

1. Segmentation


Listen, we’ve all had our generic emails get lost in our attendees' inboxes. But no more, alright? Say hello to segmentation! With this nifty but immensely useful feature from Yapsody Campaigns, you can create segments based on your previously sent campaign’s activity. What’s that you ask?

Plenty of companies believe that dumping your entire contact list with the same email is the easiest strategy that takes little effort. That little effort is evident.

With segmentation, your contacts can be divided into smaller segments which allows you to add a personalized strategy to offer more relevant marketing to subscribers based on their previously sent campaign’s open rate, click rate as well as geography, interests and a variety of other factors. Create segments for all of them.

Besides, you can also:

  • Add multiple conditions during segment creation

  • Make edits to segment conditions

  • Add contacts with ease.

2. Multiple Segments in ONE Campaign

Thought that was all the news on Segmentation? Think again. Because now, you can add multiple segments to the same campaign! Now there’s nothing stopping you from adding more than one segment (up to 10!) and achieving your dream email marketing campaign.

These segments created can be based on various conditions such as location, date of birth, age of your audience, etc. And if you’re feeling larger than life with a new campaign, you’re just one click away from selecting “All Contacts” from reaching your entire contact base.

3. Background Color

background color

This one is quite self-explanatory, to be honest. With Yapsody Campaigns, you can now customize the background of your email marketing campaigns and pick the colour that best matches the brand, tone & occasion of your content and the theme of your campaign. Add this to the existing features of being able to add logos and fonts and preset multiple types of templates? The stuff of an email marketing department’s dream.

4. Dark Mode Preview

Dark mode

Ever tried to visualize a design or an email template in dark mode and it just goes all haywire? Yeah, get in line.

But with this much-awaiting (and appreciated) new feature, preview your campaigns in dark mode and make changes before they go live. This means no more disappearing acts of components on switching to dark mode! With Yapsody, be sure that your campaigns will look exactly how you want them to before they hit your audiences’ inboxes.

How about another cherry? Here you go: we can preview the campaign in dark mode WHILE linking the email design during the creation of the email marketing campaign!

5. Email Preview Text


How often have you seen the preview text be something like View Text Only” or worse, an HTML code? Yikes. Doesn’t that just immediately put you off?

This is how you lose your target audience. A once-potential customer is now an uninformed onlooker. Don’t let that happen.

Remember, the preview text is only visible from the inbox. Once you open the email, it’s gone. Poof. So make sure you try to create a sense of urgency, spark curiosity and display key terms at the beginning while keeping the text short at the same time. And worry not, Yapsody will play its part. We emphasize your preview text in order to ensure higher conversion rates. You’re welcome.

Well, folks. That’s all we have for you today. A range of new features is bound to make your email marketing strategies easier, more efficient, and more effective. So don't be afraid to experiment, get creative, and try out new things! With Yapsody Campaigns, you've got all that you need to pull off the campaign of the year. So sign up now and get started! Just don’t forget to CC us!