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Yapsody Campaigns is a very easy to use email provider service, build for organizations to manage their communication.

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CREATE Compelling Emails


CREATE Compelling Emails

Simplify your email creation process with our intuitive email builder. Design emails and change templates with ease, just drag and drop!

Kickstart your campaigns with 100+ ready-to-use email design templates suitable for various industries and occasions. Get ready to save time and also elevate brand perception with captivating emails.

Leverage our game-changing feature to streamline global event email marketing. Centralize vital information at one place and never miss an opportunity to engage with your audience.

Harness the power of artificial intelligence for your email campaigns. Instantly produce captivating subject lines, preview texts, and email bodies. Streamline your strategy, optimize content creation effortlessly, and watch your engagement rates soar to new heights!

OPTIMIZE For Precise Targeting


OPTIMIZE For Precise Targeting

Leverage placeholders feature to automate the process of personalizing emails, especially for large campaigns. Provide a more engaging and relevant experience for your audience, while saving time and effort.

Send the right message to the right people with our audience segmentation tool. Further ensure precise email targeting by linking multiple segmentations together.

Make your emails truly represent your brand. Our email footer design customization allows you to modify email footer to include key branding elements and crucial links for consistent branding experience.

TEST Campaign Performance


TEST Campaign Performance

Our dark-mode preview allows you to check how your emails will appear in this popular setting, enabling you to make necessary adjustments for optimal visibility and readability.

With our responsiveness checker, confirm your emails look great and perform well across various devices and screen sizes to ensure excellent user experience for your recipients.

SEND Emails At The Right Time


SEND Emails At The Right Time

Timing is everything when it comes to email marketing! Schedule future emails as per target timezone to maximize their chances of getting opened and acted upon, rather than being lost in the clutter.

Knowledge is power in the world of email marketing. Our custom contact fields allow you to add specific fields to your contact list like job title, location, enabling you to create segments and send targeted emails with key information at fingertips.

ANALYZE Campaign Success


ANALYZE Campaign Success

Gauge the effectiveness of your campaigns with our comprehensive email reports. Get insights into open rates, click rates, and bounce rates, understand recipient behavior, and identify the most engaging emails.

Post email delivery, utilize our email campaign report to create dynamic segments based on audience interaction, fine-tune follow-up communications and reach out to the most responsive audience segments.