12 Dec 2022

Imagine this – you have a new campaign coming up, an opportunity to promote your business, and direct access to your customers’ inboxes. Wouldn’t you want to deliver your offers in the best, most concise, and retainable ways that take hardly an hour to create? Well, that’s email marketing for you.

The Why And How Of Getting Started With Email Marketing

There’s a general misconception that this sub-genre of digital marketing can be a pain to understand and set up. But the truth is far from it.

The fact is, email marketing is alive now, more than ever. Not only does it have an active user base counting in billions today, but it is believed to keep climbing the charts up in the marketing industry.

Unfortunately, for help-seekers like you, looking to explore new marketing strategies, the internet today is filled with a plethora of how-tos and guides, complicating things that really don’t need complicating.

I’m telling you it’s easy.

The aim is to create email campaigns with content that grabs attention and isn’t left unread like the many in your crowded inbox right this moment.

101 of setting up an email marketing system

This? Honestly, the easiest part of it all.

Now, you could always set up an email marketing system with good ol’ Outlook and Gmail. Its free and its cost-efficient. All you have to do is:

  • Make an email list – collect all contacts (relevant people + businesses) that you want to reach

  • Add these contacts to the account on your chosen email marketing platform

  • Find or create your own email template according to your campaign type

  • Send your first welcome/introductory mail

  • And Viola! You’re all set.

All you’ve got to do now is keep practicing writing good copy for your emails and make an appropriate schedule. Experiment, see what works and what doesn’t with your audience. Then build your strategy around that.

But at this point, you’re the boss, the designer, the copywriter, and the manager.

So, having an automated email marketing tool is always recommended if you have sizable email listings. Not only does it take the pressure off of consistently coming up with attractive templates, but also does the work of categorizing and managing all your listings for you.

That reminds me … did I mention that Yapsody has its very own email marketing software?

Say Hello to Yapsody Campaigns!

This platform has everything that the ultimate email marketing service provides. That too at a super affordable price of $99/year, making it one of the best top alternatives to Mailchimp.

Unlike most tools available out there like Sendinblue, Moosend, and yes, even Mailchimp, with big, solid paywalls, Yapsody Campaigns has all the necessary features you’d need in one place at a value-for-money charge. Check them out:

  • Segmentations - segmenting your audience is the glue that will hold your entire system as well as campaign together. This feature helps you target your audience by demographics which ensures that instead of receiving a jumbled assortment of mail, you’re sending people what they want to see.

  • Drag and Drop editor - having a drag-and-drop email builder, your work is sliced in half. Arrange the content blocks as per your need without any coding knowledge.

  • Free 50+ inbuilt templates - design is crucial for emailers. Unlike other top-ranking services in the market that slap you with an additional charge for templates, Yapsody Campaigns give you free access to their precious 50+ inbuilt email templates that are unique to your business needs.

  • Email marketing metrics - as a business person, you know that this is a must-have. Yapsody Campaigns provides you with extensive insights and performance data to track how your email campaigns are performing. With all the numbers you need right on your screen, the platform assists you in improving and optimizing your email marketing game to the ‘T’.

  • Free resources and Customer support - lastly, you not only get access to 20+ articles and videos to help optimize your marketing campaigns but also 24*7 chat support.

Now, you could say we’re biased. We totally are. But don’t take our word for it, try it for yourself...

Moving on to the most important part of this blog.

Money-making email marketing recipe

Now that you have a reliable email marketing system in order, the next step is learning what goes in creating effective and successful email campaigns.

The industry average click rate is less than 3%. But! A well-crafted email copy is a guaranteed win for higher open rates.

This here is the golden nugget that will help you get the best results. So, stick with me. And get on board your best people for creating these 5 things:

  • Subject line – the content that is most important in this type of marketing copy is the subject line. Remember this – your readers’ reading is restricted because of the limited visible text in their inboxes. So, make the most out of the few characters you have to grasp their attention. Make sure it's creative, if not terribly witty.

  • Preview text – now that you have your reader’s attention, make sure you keep holding it. What’s worse than a bad emailer, is an underwhelming, click-baiting one. Write something that transitions from your subject line and pushes the reader to continue reading. Ah, and keep it short and simple. Remember, character restriction.

  • Body content – the focus here should be short-form, concise content. Identifying your customer’s pain points, their needs, and their guilty pleasures can help you nail your email marketing content. It’s always recommended to keep the tone and language of the writing conversational. Trust me when I say this – brand value and awareness from the intimacy that conversational writing creates is like no other.

  • Design – no matter how quirky or well-written your copy is, what you also need is a solid design that grabs attention and compliments the flow of your content. Now, you could always spend long hours coming up with attractive and efficient visuals. Or you could simply use the 50+ templates Yapsody Campaigns offers you for free along with a drag-and-drop email builder to promote your brand.

  • Effective or memorable CTA – think beyond a mere “click here”, ‘subscribe’, or “buy now”. A strong CTA is your best friend. This is something that pushes your prospects into making a decision – do they want to explore more of what you have to say? Do they want to sign up for your services? Apart from your actual content, CTAs are responsible for bringing traffic and converting prospects into consumers. So don’t get lazy here, please.

Now that you have the recipe, all you need to do is serve.

The best approach at this point would be to schedule your emails for the right time. Don’t catch your audience at an awkward time – schedule your emails according to the time zone of your mailing list contacts.

A high-time traffic period just hits the sweet spot when it comes to getting more clicks and open rates.

What can you include in your email marketing plan?
  1. Newsletters

  2. Appreciation emails

  3. E-Blasts or Promotional content for brand awareness

  4. Personalized marketing emails based on activity

How does it help your business?

For years now brands have sworn by email marketing, but it has especially boomed like never before in the last few years. It’s a marketing solution that not only drives sales but also ensures that your customers are kept informed about your products/services and most importantly, your brand.

Forget that it has proven to be one of the most valuable digital marketing tools for businesses of all sizes today. It’s a magical direct line between business owners and potential customers, giving you an opportunity to maintain long-term relationships with the ones converted.

The bottom line – is don’t shy away from it. It doesn’t take a marketing genius to set this up.

Go experiment, and explore your inner marketing genius.

Sign-up and get started on your email marketing journey with Yapsody Campaigns today!